How to Use CapCut – Complete Guide for Beginners


Are you a beginner in video editing and wish to learn some useful skills? No worries, because today I’m going to introduce you with CapCut. You might already have heard of this application from your friends, right?

CapCut is a 2 in 1 photo and video editor owned by a Chinese company ByteDance Private Limited. It is the same company which owns the most famous social media platform on the planet, of course I mean TikTok. Since its launch, CapCut has gained immense popularity throughout the world due to its intuitive interface, advanced features including AI features and because it is the most suitable application for mobile editing.

This blog is your guide on how to download, install, login CapCut along with the introduction of some of its basic features, some advanced features and some valuable tips and tricks for beginners.

How to set-up CapCut?

Basically CapCut is available for android, iOS, windows (7/8/10/11), mac and for web. But it will be a good idea to start your first project on mobile as a beginner.

  • First of all, go to capcutmods and tap on given download button.
  • While downloading, go to phone settings and enable unknown resources.
  • Tap on the downloaded file to install.
  • Once the installation is finished, login with yours Google account.

App Interface

CapCut app interface is as easy as you like. On the upper side of mobile screen, you have options ranging from photo editor to remove background. In the bottom bar; edit, templates, library & me tabs are available. In the middle, you can add new project.

Tap on new project and select a video from your phone gallery to edit. Once you import a video, now you are ready to edit this video.

Basic Editing Features

Let’s get started with our video editing journey with some of the basic editing operations we can perform on our video.


Trim means to cut a video to remove unwanted parts of the video. To trim, drag the edges of the clip to shorten it.


Split means to divide a video in more than one parts to edit them separately. To split, move the playhead to the desired location and tap “Split.”

Add Music

Tap on “Audio” to add background music from CapCut royalty free music library and soundtracks. You can also import your own music.

Filters and Effects

Add trending filters and effects to give videos a unique and trending look. Some filters and effects are available only in pro version of CapCut.

Adjust Speed

Speed is a very important factor in look and feel of a video and can really turn the tables. Use this feature to perfectly match video speed and make slow motion videos.

Text & Stickers

Add text to your videos to convey a specific message. Choose from different text fonts and styles, add funny stickers and emojis.


Add smooth transitions between clips by tapping “Transitions” and choosing from a variety of styles.


Once you are satisfied with your video, tap on “export” button to save video. You can export in 480p, 720p and even in 1080p resolution.

Advanced Features

CapCut is equally valuable both for beginners as well as for professionals. This wonderful application has tons of advanced features which can fulfill your basic to advanced editing needs whether you are a freelancer or a social media content creator.

Below I have mentioned a list of some of the most popular advanced editing features of CapCut just for your overview. CapCut also has features powered by artificial intelligence which can really save time and effort.

  • AI Effects and Filters
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Chroma Key (Green Screen)
  • Motion Tracking
  • Advanced Color Grading
  • 3D Effects and Transitions
  • Voice Effects
  • Multi-Layer Editing
  • Custom Animations
  • Masking and Blending Modes
  • Stabilization
  • Speed Curves for Variable Speed Adjustments
  • Advanced Audio Editing
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Pro-Level Templates and Presets
  • Collaboration Features for Team Projects
  • High-Resolution Export Options (4K)
  • Integration with TikTok for Direct Sharing
  • Advanced Aspect Ratio Adjustments
  • Batch Exporting


One thing, I think, is very useful especially for beginners is templates. Templates are ready-made designs. These templates are fully customizable. Like replacing text, images and video clips is just at a click. CapCut has a large library of templates. Some templates are free while some templates can be unlocked in premium version of CapCut.

Correct use of these templates can help beginners to create thier first few clips quickly and effectively. Below I have given a list of some of the most popular and trending CapCut templates. You can access these templates in CapCut by searching them in the search bar in templates tab.

10 Trending CapCut Templates

  • Habibi CapCut Template
  • Healing Thailand CapCut Template
  • Ramadan CapCut Template
  • ICAL CapCut Template
  • IDFWU CapCut Template
  • Camera Lenta Capcut Template
  • Cinematic Slow Capcut Template
  • Cam Trick Capcut Template
  • Slow Motion CapCut Template
  • Urban Jungle CapCut Template

Pros & Cons of CapCut


  • Intuitive interface
  • Optimized for mobile editing
  • Trending templates
  • Integration with TikTok
  • 4k export
  • Valuable AI features


  • Lack of advanced features
  • Not suitable for complex projects
  • 15 mins export limit
  • Limited features in free version
  • Watermark in free version
  • Not for long form content like vlogs

Frequently Asked Questions


I will suggest you to make sure that you have sufficient storage space and keeyour app updated to avoid unnecessary headache. Starwith short clips and organizing your work will help you stay focused and efficient. Remember to save your work regularly to avoid losing progress. One of the most important beginner tip is use templates. CapCut templates are fully customizable and can help beginners create professional level content quickly.

Don’t be hurry. Make slow and steady progress. Watch YouTube tutorial, read blogs and consult with professionals. Take a gap when things are not working properly. Video editing is a difficult skill to learn. So be patient and craetive and trust in the process.

Start creating your captivating videos today and share your unique stories with the world!

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