CapCut MOD APK Updated v12.3.0 Download (Pro) July 2024

CapCut – Video Editor

CapCut Pro is 2 in 1 free photo and video editor for android, iOS, Web, windows and mac. It has basic, advanced and AI features to create high quality content. Get this app and its mod versions from capcutmods and go viral on Instagram, TikTok and other social media sites!

CapCut MOD APK 12.0.0

Rating 4.0/5.0

  • Android 5.0+
  • Pro & Premium
  • Version 12.3.0
  • Size 245.35MB
  • Rating 4.4
  • Safe

Why CapCut?

  • Free
  • User friendly app interface
  • 2 in 1 photo and video editor
  • Multilingual
  • AI tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Team collaboration
  • Copyright free music & soundtracks
  • Customizable templates
  • Aspect ratio for all social media content
  • Export video up to 4k 60fps
  • Best for mobile editing
  • Available for android, iOS, windows, mac & browser
  • Trusted by over 100M content creators worldwide

How to Quickly Install CapCut Mod APK?

1. Download the Capcut Mod APK from a trusted source.
2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s security settings.
3. Locate the downloaded file and tap to install.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
5. Open the app and enjoy the features.


Are you a professional video editor who is searching for a free, user friendly and light video editing software to edit videos on mobile? I want to introduce you with CapCut. CapCut is an all in one AI powered tool which makes high quality video editing and image designing easy.

This helpful video editing application is designed by a Chinese company ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. CapcCut is like Adobe Premiere Rush and KineMaster to edit basic level or professional videos on Android mobile. CapCut is also available for browsers, Windows, Mac and iOS and is equally useful for both experienced and newbies video editors with features like advanced filters, effects, and 3D animation templates.

In this blog post, we will explore the advanced, realistic features of CapCut in detail. Get ready friends to take your edited videos from ordinary to professional level with the latest version of CapCut Mod APK.

CapCut Mod APK

CapCut APK is probably the best free editing app on mobiles and this is one of the easiest ways to edit for a beginner but of course free version comes with limited features. On the other hand, CapCut Mod APK (a modified version of CapCut) unlocks a bundle of premium features for you. The mod version of CapCut offers numerous paid features that are not available in the standard free version.


If you don’t have money to buy premium subscription of CapCut but you still need CapCut Pro amazing video and audio editing features for your projects, then it will be a good idea to use CapCut Mod APK because it is completely free with no ads and no monthly or yearly subscription charges.

CapCut is really a game changer which can help you create extraordinary professional-grade content in no time and even on your android mobiles!

CapCut APK App Details

CapCut Mod APK App Details



CapCut APK – Getting Started

Whether you’re a social media influencer, aspiring filmmaker, or simply someone who enjoys capturing life’s moments, CapCut provides the tools you need to turn ordinary videos into memorable captivating stories.

Understanding the full range of features that CapCut offers is essential for maximizing its potential and unlocking your creativity. In this section, I will take you on a journey from basic to advanced editing features of CapCut. We will also see features which are available only in CapCut Mod APK and not in the standard CapCut APK. So without wasting time, let’s start!

Looking for CapCut for iOS or CapCut for PC

Basic Editing Tools

  • Trim or Delete: It allows you to remove unwanted parts from the beginning or end of a video.
  • Cut or Crop: It allows you to crop a video into smaller segments.
  • Split: It allows you to divide a video at a specific point, creating separate segments that can be edited individually.
  • Merge: It allows you to combine multiple videos into a single video.
  • Duplicate: It allows you to make copies of video clips within your project, providing flexibility when experimenting with different editing techniques.

These tools are designed to make basic editing tasks quick. You must start with these tools as they form the foundation of any video editing software.

Advanced Editing Tools

It is not possible to cover all features and functionalities of complex softwares used for designing and editing purposes. Below are some of the advanced tools of CapCut. You must be familiar with these tools to start your first project.

  • Filters and Effects: You might familiar with Instagram filters, CapCut offers similar filters and effects for both videos and images. A good knowledge of using suitable filters and effects can really improve your editing skills.
  • Transition Effects: Smooth transitions between video clips can significantly enhance the flow and continuity of your video. CapCut offers a variety of transition effects, such as fade, dissolve, slide, and more, enabling you to seamlessly blend different scenes together for a polished result.
  • Text Overlays: Adding text overlays to your videos can convey important messages, enhance storytelling, or simply add a touch of flair. CapCut provides an extensive selection of fonts, styles, and animations to choose from, allowing you to customize text overlays to suit your project’s aesthetic.
  • Stickers, Emojis, and GIFs: If you want to add some emotions into your videos, you may need emojis. CapCut has a large library of emojis, stickers and GIFs.
  • Keyframe Animation: It allows you to define the position, scale, rotation, and opacity of elements over time, allowing for smooth transitions and intricate animations.

Brief Overview of CapCut APK features


A brief overview of the amazing features in this splendid video editing app is given below. You will explore tons of other useful features after installing the app.

  • Photo editor
  • Camera tracking
  • Product photos
  • Retouch
  • Teleprompter
  • Remove background
  • Photo in photo (PiP)
  • Cloud storage
  • Templates
  • 30 app languages
  • Multiple export options up to 4K
  • Ad-free
  • Video speed manager
  • XML support
  • Removable watermark
  • Large library of copyright free music
  • Trending filters and effects
  • Green screen or Chroma key
  • Speed control
  • Aspect ratio

CapCut APK Latest Version – New Features

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved UI & UX
  • Text to image
  • AI poster
  • AI model
  • Auto cut
  • Auto captions and lyrics
  • Image enhancement
  • Auto reframe
  • Freeze frame
  • Reduce noise
  • Photo effects
  • New filters and effects
  • Updated music library
  • Enhanced security
  • Automatic beat sync

CapCut Pro APK Features



Effects in video editing refer to various changes in real video to make its look and feel better. It commonly includes changes in overall color, brightness, opacity, saturation, blurriness, contrast, speed, reflection, background, transitions and other elements to produce your desired videos.

Often these effects are difficult to achieve in real world or creating such effects physically can be very expensive. CapCut gives you tons of such effects and with CapCut Mod APK, all pro effects are also unlocked.

Some of the trending video effects among video creators that are available in CapCut are given below and you can explore further by yourself after installing the app.

  • Fault Cassette
  • Halo Blur
  • Blossoms Mirror
  • Diamond Zoom
  • Vibration Flash
  • Black Flash II
  • Shake
  • Ripple Distortion
  • Blur
  • Smart Sharpen
  • Chromatic
  • Vignette
  • Rolling Film
  • Zoom Lens
  • Girl’s Secrets
  • Butterfly Dream
  • Edge Glow
  • Play Pendulum
  • Black Noise
  • Sharpen Edges
  • Astral
  • Mini Zoom
  • Camera Zoom
  • Lightning
  • Heartbreak
  • Fade In
  • Black Flash
  • Mirror Three Layers
  • Heart Kisses
  • Old TV 2
  • Flash Vibration
  • Spot Blur
  • Split Flicker
  • Explosion
  • Noise 2
  • Collision Sparks
  • Optical Zoom
  • Rebound Swing
  • Flipped
  • Pulse
  • By The Fireplace
  • Fireworks 1
  • Colorful
  • Leak II
  • Grain TV On
  • Butterflies
  • Wobbly Black
  • Vintage Cute
  • Noise 1
  • Glitch
  • Horizontal Open
  • Glow Hearts
  • Leak II
  • Blu-Ray Scanning
  • Lightning
  • Club Mood

Slow motion, glitch and retro effect are very popular among video creators.

Glitch Effect

With CapCut you can add glitch effect in your videos. Creating video glitch effect means intentional distortion or deformation of a video clip as happens in case of any data transmission error or hardware issues. Creating glitch effect is related to make your content look more aesthetic and appealing. Glitch effect trending these days especially in Instagram reels.

Slow Motion Effect

CapCut now offers super-smooth slow-motion effects that slow down your video, giving you a detailed view of every moment. This feature adds an engaging touch to your videos, allowing viewers to appreciate all the small details.


CapCut offers filters in the following caregories:

  • Life
  • Scenery
  • Movies
  • Mono
  • Retro
  • Night scene
  • Style
  • Food

However, it is important to note that using filters is like using make-up on your skin. Always use filters with a light note because using too much filters can make your video look unnatural and less attractive to audience.


Under text option, you can access many different types of fonts for your text. You can change font styles like font size, opacity, color, stroke and glow. You can also change text background, make text curve, use different spacing for text, make text bold or italic and can also change font case.

CapCut also provides various types of text effects and animations to enhance the visual appeal of videos, convey messages effectively, and engage viewers with dynamic text elements.


CapCut has a large library of emojis, animated stickers and GIFs. You can use these emojis and stickers in to add certain emotions in your videos.


CapCut templates are pre-designed videos. Hundreds of templates are available built by CapCut team. Some templates are also shared by content creators. You can also download and use templates from third-party websites.

These templates are customizable including sections for your own photos/videos, stylish transitions, pre-animated text/graphics, and even background music to create professional-looking videos quickly.

These templates are made according to social media trends. You should use these templates because these can save your time and effort and give your videos a more polished look especially if you are a beginner in the field of video editing.

You can also search trendy CapCut templates by name in the search bar and can create professional looking viral content for TikTok, Facebook and Instagram reels.

Ad-Free Experience

If you are using free version of CapCut, you would be familiar with the fact that it displays ads. Ads help CapCut to earn money as a reward of providing you this wonderful video editing app. But these ads are often annoying for video editors as they break the flow of your work. The one way to remove these annoying ads is to buy CapCut Pro.

The other way is use Mod CapCut APK. The mod version of CapCut is completely ad-free which gives you a smooth work experience without any interruptions and distractions.


Video stabilization removes unwanted jitters, shakes, and blurriness, making makes your videos smoother and cleaner. With CapCut’s stabilizer, you can fix your shaky videos quickly. This option is available under edit section.

Photo in Photo (PiP)

Intriguing you with photo in photo feature in CapCut. With this feature, photo editors can easily adjust a photo within another photo. This feature can be useful to quickly create YouTube thumbnails.

How to use PIP feature in CapCut?

  1. Open CapCut on your phone.
  2. Select “Photo editor”.
  3. Choose a background photo from your phone gallery.
  4. Next select “Add photo” and choose a photo to add.
  5. Now you can edit according to your requirements.
  6. In the final step, export your work and share on social media.

Remove background (photos)

Remove background feature allows users to quickly remove background from their photos in just a matter of seconds. By default, it is set on auto but you can also manually choose the area of photo of which you wish to remove background. Some additional settings are also available to give you more control.

Video Background

In background, you can choose color, image, blur or brand background. You can choose from 56 colors. Color wheel and color picker is also available for more personalization.

Image Enhancement

CapCut Pro APK also gives image enhancement feature and CapCut APK Mod unlocks this feature for you. It automatically detects errors in your photo, removes these errors and hence enhance the overall quality of your photo as much as possible.


In CapCut, there is an option “Audio”. Under this option, there are 6 more options which include:

  • Sounds
  • Brand music
  • Copyright
  • Sound FX
  • Extract
  • Record

Under these options, you have access to tons of copyright free music and soundtracks. You also have the flexibility to extract audio from a video and use it in your video plus you can also record your own voice and then use it in your videos.

XML Support in CapCut

XML is extensible markup language. It is used for storing and transporting data. CapCut provides XML support. You can import and export XML files in CapCut.

Aspect Ratio

CapCut allows editing in different aspect ratios. You can edit TiKTok videos, Instagram reels, YouTube videos, YouTube shorts and more.


To use autocut feature, you are asked to select the photos or videos and CapCut suggests the best templates after analyzing. Also you have the option to select from many trending templates and filters. The template you select is instantly applied and then you can edit to get pixel perfect results.

This feature can be very time saving and really increase your productivity in making short form content.

AI Model

Introducing you with CapCut’s latest feature, AI model. This feature can be very handy especially if you are involved in fashion product photography industry. You can choose male or female models with different skin colors and different face types as well as with different poses and backgrounds.

How to use AI Model in CapCut?

  1. Select an Al model to try on your products.
  2. Add photos of your products.
  3. Select the postures of the model and the backgrounds.
  4. Generate the Al model try-on photos.

How to Download CapCut Mod APK for Android?

Before downloading make sure to delete any existing version of CapCut app. The reason is Package Name Conflict. Android apps are identified by their package names.

If you attempt to install a modified version of an app with the same package name as the original app (already installed), the system will see it as the same app. This can lead to package name conflict and you will not be able to install modified version of the app.

To avoid this problem, first remove any installed version of the app from your mobile.

System Requirements for CapCut

CapCut Mod APK Download

Whenever you are downloading apps and games which are not officially recognized, make sure you trust the software provider. Otherwise your device security will be at risk. is a credible source which provides everything you need related to video editing.

  1. Tap on the given download button.
  2. A window will appear with a warning that file might be harmful. Ignore this warning and tap on “Download Anyway”.
  3. The app will start downloading automatically. If due to some unknown reason downloading does not start, tap on the given download button again and then download anyway.
  4. Downloading can take some time as its size is approximately 240MB, so be patient.
  5. You can view downloading details in Downloads folder.

Install Capcut Mod APK


Once the downloading is finished, it’s time to install CapCut Mod APK.

Step 1. Enable Unknown Resources: Enabling Unknown Sources allows you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store on your Android device. Here’s how you can enable it:

  • Go to your phone “Settings”.
  • Search “Security & privacy” and in the search bar. Once it appears in the search results, tap on it.
  • Then go to “Additional settings”.
  • In additional settings, scroll down to find “Unknown sources” and toggle the button to enable it.
  • You may see a warning message about the potential risks of installing apps from unknown sources. Read the message and tap “OK” or “Allow” to proceed.
  • These steps may vary depending on the version of android you are using or which brand mobile you are using.

Step 2. Locate Downloaded File: Open “Files Manager” on your phone and then “Downloads” folder. Tap to open this folder and scroll down to find recently downloaded CapCut Mod APK file.

Step 3. Install: Now tap on the file to install it. A window may appear with some warning. Ignore it and simply tap on “Install”. The app will start installing automatically. Once the installation is complete, you can tap on “Open” button to launch app, otherwise app icon will be added to your phone home screen.

Update CapCut Mod APK Latest Version

CapCut regularly adds updates to address user feedback and it is important for you to always use the latest version of CapCut APK to avoid problems like app crash. Updating to the latest version of CapCut Mod APK offers benefits such as:

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvement
  • Multiple new features
  • Compatibility with latest devices and operating systems

How to Update CapCut Mod APK?

  1. Visit and see if a new version of CapCut Mod APK available.
  2. If yes, first of all delete the old version of CapCut Mod APK.
  3. Now download and install the latest version of this app by following the same steps as mentioned above.

CapCut APK – Get from the Google Play Store

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Tap search bar and type “CapCut” and tap search icon on your mobile keyboard. You can also use voice search to save time.
  3. Once you find the CapCut app in the search results, tap on it to open its store page.
  4. Tap on “Install” button. The app will begin downloading and installing automatically.
  5. The APK size is 104MB. So it can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending upon your internet speed.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you’ll see an “Open” button. You can tap on this button to open the app directly from the Play Store, or you can find the CapCut icon on your device’s home screen.
  7. After opening the app for the first time, you may need to sign in or create an account if required. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app.

CapCut For PC

In order to use CapCut Mod APK on PC, please follow the below simple steps.

  1. Visit a trusted source like and download CapCut for PC.
  2. To install CapCut Mod APK on your PC or laptop, you will need an android emulator.
  3. So download an android emulator like BlueStacks.
  4. For this purpose, visit BlueStacks official website and download the version of BlueStacks that suits operating system of your PC i.e. Windows (7/8/10/11) or macOS.
  5. Once android emulator is downloaded, install it by following the on screen instructions.
  6. Once the installation is finished, launch it.
  7. In android emulator, search for APK installer option and install CapCut Mod APK through it.

Recommended Minimum PC Specifications for CapCut

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 or better
  • RAM: 8GB or higher for better performance
  • Graphics Card: Integrated graphics or dedicated GPU with at least 2GB VRAM
  • Storage: At least 2GB of free storage space for the installation

CapCut Pro Vs Free

CapCut is basically free to download and install. It gives you access to its basic editing features free. But, of course, it has in-app purchases to unlock its premium features which can take your creative journey to the next heights. CapCut Pro subscription is worthy to have as it gives you access to a lot of premium stuff along with AI integration to save your time and effort and thus enhance overall productivity. CapCut Pro subscription comes with smooth monthly and annual plans and you can have it according to your creative needs.

Get more details on CapCut Free vs CapCut Pro

CapCut Pro Price

In case you want to buy CapCut Pro subscription, it is available in following plans.

CapCut provides 5GB of free cloud storage for your projects. But if it is not enough for you, you can buy 100GB of cloud storage for just $1.99.

Features Comparison: CapCut vs CapCut Mod APK

Below is a comparison between CapCut APK and CapCut Mod APK so that you can better understand advantages and disadvantages of using Mod CapCut APK.

Pros and Cons of CapCut Mod APK


  • Access to all CapCut Pro features
  • No subscription charges
  • No annoying ads
  • Similar UI & UX like official CapCut Pro


  • Privacy and security concerns
  • No regular updates
  • Violation of terms of use of CapCut
  • Sudden app crashes

Frequently Asked Questions


CapCut Pro Mod APK has all the tools to make it one of the best video editing app especially for android. If you are a beginner in video editing profession, I highly recommend you to use this wonderful application because of its user-friendly interface that even those new in this field can easily navigate through its features.

With an access to a large library of copyright free music, soundtracks, trending effects, filters; you can really make your videos share-worthy. CapCut is now providing a number of AI tools which can save time and effort, thus improving overall productivity. Most importantly you have the luxury to edit your videos in different aspect ratios and can export your videos even in 4K resolution.

If you are a pro in CapCut, share your experience with us. Still have queries unaddressed in your mind related to CapCut Pro, you can ask below in the comments section. Happy editing with CapCut Pro!