CapCut vs Premiere Pro: A Comprehensive Comparison


CapCut and Premiere Pro are both powerful video editing tools, but they cater to different user needs. CapCut is a free, user-friendly app ideal for quick edits on mobile devices, offering various effects and transitions. Premiere Pro, a professional-grade software by Adobe, provides advanced editing features, extensive plugins, and industry-standard tools suitable for complex video production on desktop.


CapCut is a versatile video editing app developed by Bytedance, the creators of TikTok. Suitable for both casual users and content creators. With its intuitive interface, it allows users to edit videos, add music, apply filters and effects, and share their creations on social media platforms; becoming a popular choice for those looking to create engaging video content on the go on mobile like TikTokers.

Premiere Pro is a leading professional video editing software developed by Adobe Inc. It offers advanced editing capabilities, including tools for editing, color grading, audio manipulation, and visual effects. Widely used by filmmakers, video editors, and content creators, Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

App Details

FeatureCapCutPremiere Pro
PriceFree$20.99/month (Adobe subscription)
Rating4.5/5 (varies by platform)4.4/5 (Adobe Creative Cloud)
Size~85 MB (varies by device)~1.6 GB
Rated For3+ (varies by app store)13+ (varies by app store)
Required OSiOS 10.0 or later, Android 5.0+Windows 10 (64-bit) or macOS 10.14+
DeveloperBytedance Pte. Ltd.Adobe Inc.

Additional Information

  • CapCut is available for android, iOS, windows, mac and web.
  • Premiere Pro is available for windows and mac only.

Features Comparison

FeatureCapCutPremiere Pro
User-Friendly Interface✔️✔️
Basic Editing Tools✔️✔️
Advanced Editing Tools✔️
Professional Effects✔️
Social Media Integration✔️✔️
Multi-Cam Editing✔️
Advanced Color Grading✔️
Audio Editing✔️✔️
Motion Graphics✔️
VR Editing✔️
Cross-Platform Support✔️✔️
Cloud Sync✔️✔️
Mobile App✔️
Templates and Filters✔️✔️
Export FormatsLimitedExtensive



  • Price: Free
  • In-App Purchases: CapCut offers some advanced features and additional content like filters and effects that may require in-app purchases.

Premiere Pro

  • Price: $20.99 per month (individual plan)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Plan: $54.99 per month, includes access to all Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
  • Annual Plan: $239.88 billed annually (equivalent to $19.99 per month)
  • Student and Teacher Plan: $19.99 per month for all Adobe Creative Cloud apps.


These prices may vary from regio to region depending upon factors like buying power, taxes, currency exchange rate and others. It would be a good idea to visit official sites for the latest prices in your state.

Ease of Use

CapCut is designed with simplicity in mind, offering a user-friendly interface that makes video editing accessible to beginners and experienced users alike. Its intuitive layout and straightforward tools enable users to quickly grasp the basics of editing, such as trimming clips, adding effects, and incorporating music.

In contrast, while Premiere Pro offers a comprehensive set of editing features, its interface and workflow may be more complex for novice users to grasp initially. The software’s professional-grade capabilities cater to the needs of experienced editors and filmmakers but may require a steeper learning curve for beginners.

Overall, CapCut’s emphasis on simplicity and mobile accessibility which makes it a strong contender in terms of ease of use for both casual and experienced video editors.

Total Users

CapCut has over 200 million people using it every month, as of March 2023. This makes it very popular for editing videos on phones, especially for people who post on platforms like TikTok & Instagram.

On the other hand, Premiere Pro has around 9 million users, which is less compared to CapCut. It’s mostly used by pros and YouTubers who like its fancy features and paying for it every month.

CapCut is used by all kinds of people who edit videos now and then. But Premiere Pro users are usually serious editors who do it regularly for professional work.

CapCut might get even more users quickly because it’s free and easy to use on phones. But Premiere Pro’s users will probably stay the same because it is paid and has industry standards.


CapCut provides users with 1 GB of free storage for a lifetime. Additional storage can be purchased at the rate of 10 GB per dollar. Users can also earn extra storage by inviting new users or exporting videos, although this additional storage is valid for only 45 days. Additionally, CapCut users receive 100 GB of extra storage specifically for storing personal videos and projects.

In contrast, Premiere Pro offers cloud storage options as part of the Adobe All’s plans or the Premiere Pro subscriber plan. Subscribers can access 100 GB of cloud storage through these plans.

Overall, CapCut offers a combination of free and purchasable storage options, including incentives for earning extra storage, while Premiere Pro provides cloud storage exclusively through its subscription plans.


CapCut specializes in short video editing, benefiting from its association with TikTok’s parent company. It offers a diverse range of trending templates, including AI templates for videos, audio, and images. However, users can only modify placeholders within these templates, such as text and images, without access to keyframe or timing adjustments.

In contrast, Premiere Pro’s template selection is limited within its subscription model. While less trendy than CapCut, it provides transition animations, motion overlays, and lower thirds. Users can also create lower third designs in After Effects for use in Premiere Pro. Unlike CapCut, Premiere Pro allows full customization of templates, including keyframe adjustments, color changes, and element manipulation, resembling the editing process for original videos.

Templates streamline video editing by providing pre-designed elements, saving users time and effort. They offer a range of effects and graphics for a professional look, while ensuring consistency across projects. This simplifies the creative process, allowing users to focus on creativity rather than technical details.

Trending templates leverage current trends and audience preferences, increasing engagement with content. By utilizing these templates, creators stay relevant, enhancing the chances of their content going viral. These templates inspire creators and attract more views, likes, and shares on social media platforms, amplifying their impact in the digital realm.

AI Features

AI in video editing enhances efficiency by automating tasks such as cutting, color correction, and audio syncing. It also offers advanced features like scene detection, facial recognition, object removal, and content personalization, enabling editors to focus on creative aspects.

The best example of how AI is affecting video editing is Sora AI by Open AI. Sora is an AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. If video editors do not realize the importance of AI in video editing, they will surely left behind. It is important for you to master AI skills to improve your productivity and get your job done quickly and efficiently.

We’re teaching AI to understand and simulate the physical world in motion, with the goal of training models that help people solve problems that require real-world interaction.

Open AI

Now Lets’ discuss some AI features offered by CapCut and Premiere Pro.

CapCut AI Features

CapCut offers the following AI features to make workflow smooth and get minor work done by AI tools.

  • AutoCut
  • AI poster
  • AI model
  • Text to image
  • Remove background
  • AI image & video upscaler
  • AI photo colorizer
  • AI color correction
  • AI portrait generator
  • AI photo restoration

Get more info on these AI features of CapCut

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is packed with AI to simplify complex tasks and speed up editing. And, with generative AI tools coming this year, the future is brighter than ever. Some include:

  • Create rough cuts fast with Text-Based Editing
  • AI Audio Category Tagging
  • Speech to Text
  • Enhance Speech
  • Scene Edit Detection
  • Auto Color
  • Morph Cut
  • Color Match
  • Remix
  • Auto Ducking
  • Auto Reframe

You can get more details about these AI features by visiting official website of Adobe

Pros & Cons of CapCut


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Free to Use
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Accessibility


  • Limited Advanced Features
  • In-App Purchases to unlock pro version
  • Watermark in free version
  • Ads in free version

CapCut is ideal for beginners with its easy to understand and easy to use app interface. Users can use ready made templates to create aesthetic videos on mobile quickly and effeciently. Ideal for short form content like TikTok videos, Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

Pros & Cons of Premiere Pro


  • Advanced Editing Tools
  • Professional-Grade Effects
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Multi-Cam Editing


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • High Cost
  • Requires Powerful Hardware
  • Resource-Intensive

Premiere Pro is better choice for professional and experienced video editors who need advanced editing tools for thier projects. Ideal for long form content like daily vlogs and filmimg.



Choosing between CapCut and Premiere Pro depends on your needs and experience level. CapCut is ideal for beginners and casual users who want quick, fun edits on mobile devices without any cost. Premiere Pro, while more complex, is the go-to for professionals due to its advanced features and integration with other Adobe tools, suitable for high-end video production.

Learning video editing requires patience and practice. Invest time in understanding the basics and gradually explore more advanced techniques. There are numerous blogs and YouTube tutorials available to guide you through the learning process. Check out resources like “Video Editing Basics” on blogs or channels like “Premiere Gal” and “Think Media” on YouTube for valuable tips and tutorials.

Ready to start your video editing journey? Dive in with the software that suits your needs, and don’t forget to explore online resources for guidance. Happy editing!

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