Alight Motion Vs CapCut – Better Choice For Video Editors in 2024


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If you are a beginner and want straightforward and basic tools to improve video quality then using CapCut is a better and suitable option for you. On the other hand if you are a professional and want pro and interesting tools for advanced level video editing then you have to use Alight motion. Hence, the better option for you depends upon which type of video editing tools you want, basic or professional.

What is CapCut and Alight motion?

Alight motion and CapCut both are fabulous video editor’s software but have a little difference. They are high rating video editing software. We can use them for converting normal quality videos and images into high quality. They have lots of features such as motion graphics, key-frames, affects, transitions, stickers, emoji etc.

Many people use CapCut for editing instagram videos, social media videos, TikTok videos and YouTube shorts. Many top-tier professionals use Alight motion to make their content astonishing and engaging. In this blog I will compare them so you can easily judge which one is better for you.

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CapCut vs Alight Motion Features Comparison


CapCut has a simple and user-friendly interface. It has guidelines for newcomer users. Alight motion has a complex interface because of his advanced tools and layered graphics.

2. Fonts Styles and Effects

CapCut offers a wide range of text styles. Choose a font that suits your video. You can change the color of text style according to your requirements and also add effects like shadow, strokes, background etc. to make your video more professional.

Alight motion has tons of text style. Alight motion has advanced effects and text color. Users can adjust font size and style, color of text, shadows and write text to respond to audio. Professionals prefer to use Alight motion because of his advanced and surprising features.

3. Video and Audio effects

Alight motion offers a wide range of advanced video and audio effects to enhance your creativity. For audio Alight motion offers pro tools like volume adjusting, fade adding effects and matching audio with sound.

 CapCut uses straightforward audio effects and simple video effects. By applying video effects you can enhance naturalness in your video and audio effects give your video an emotional touch.

4. Key-frame Animation

Key-frame animation is a very important part of video editing. This feature allows the video editor to control the movement of an object very precisely. In current settings you can get this feature in both video editors with the help of a few clicks. By using this feature you can make your video more attractive and realistic.  

5. Vector Graphics

Alight motion offers extensive tools for vector graphics. By applying vector graphics you can make motion graphics. Alight motion provides amazing and advanced tools so you can make detailed and animated vector graphic creations.

On the other hand CapCut offers simple and basic tools for vector graphics. With the absence of sophisticated vector graphics functions CapCut affords simple video editing. Therefore, Alight motion is a better choice for detailed and animated vector graphics.

6. Key Features and Functionality

Alight motion is popular for his creative animation and designing tools. It gives an intuitive interface in which you can make complex creative ideas quickly. It has advanced features like layouts, effects, transition etc. The key feature of alight motion is that it allows multiple users to work on a project concurrently.

On the other hand CapCut gives a simple and explicit display and users can use it easily. People who want a quick and very simple way to edit videos have to Download CapCut with the lack of some advanced features.  

7. Reliable system and performance

Both editors have great performance and stability. But sometimes Alight motion lost his performance when we were working on big and complex projects. Hence we can say that CapCut is a reliable system and has better performance than Alight motion.          

8. Export formats

A fascinating feature of CapCut and Alight motion is that they give various video and image formats like JPEG,XML,GIF,TIFF etc. according to your choice.

 In Alight motion  when your video is ready to share just click the Export button usually present on the top right corner and decide your final format according to your requirements and store it into your device or share the video directly to your social media accounts.

During the Export process CapCut gives you a wrong idea about the size of file and max. export settings facilitate 4K resolution at 60fps. 

9. Availability

CapCut is available on every platform like iOS, android, Windows, Mac and it is also available online and offline.

Alight motion is only available on android and iOS. It is not present on PC but you can run this application on PC by using an android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. But it will not give you such experience and clarity.  

10. Subscription Cost

Alight motion is free for a three days trial. After that we have to pay subscription cost vary for different countries and length of days which is given below:

  • $4.99 per Week
  • $6.99 per Month
  • $28.99 per year

CapCut is also free. But in the pro version of CapCut you have to pay a subscription cost of $9.99 per month.

Pros and Cons of Alight Motion


  • Advance features
  • Multiple formats
  • High quality


  • Complex interface
  • Performance issues
  • Limited templates

Pros and Cons of CapCut


  • User friendly interface
  • No watermarks in free version
  • For android, windows, iOS and mac


  • Lack of some advance features
  • Ads in free version
  • Limited templates

Alight Motion Vs CapCat Which One Is For You?

CapCut and Alight motion both are video editing software. But Alight motion is also used for design and Graphic motion. CapCut is very easy to understand, gives a friendly interface and anyone can edit video naturally on it without any expertise by the lack of some advanced features.

 Alight motion is used for deep creative processes and complex projects. It has too many functions like visual graphics, keyframes and animation effects etc. Without any video editing knowledge and experience we cannot use Alight motion because it has lots of functions that you will not understand.

So if you are not a professional video editor and want to edit video quickly and straightforward then Downloading CapCut is better for you. On the other hand if you are a professional and working on complex and big projects then Downloading Alight motion is better.



CapCut and Alight motion both are competitors. They have lots of features like graphic animations, vector graphics, motion blur and many more that can make your content appealing and realistic. Hence which one is better for you Alight motion or CapCut depends upon which type of video editing tools you want, basic or professional.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learn something new. You will also like and enjoy CapCut mod apk

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