How to Effortlessly Increase Video Quality in CapCut up to 4K


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Why Investing in Better Video Quality Pays Off”

Let me ask you a simple question. When you are streaming videos on internet, what things you demand in them? Would you like to watch low resolution videos? I’m pretty sure not. In fact, a low quality video will ruin all the taste. If we are either watching our favorite movie or a very exciting football match or anything else, we expect at least HD video quality.

A high video quality is essential to maintain viewer interest and it gives them more realistic experience. Also a high video quality is better than low quality video in terms of revealing minor details in the video like facial expressions, emotions and colors. Take example of your math’s lecture on YouTube. At low quality video like 240p, you cannot clearly see the math equations and formulas written on the board.

So if you are a professional video editor, you are expected to produce high quality videos. In this blog, I will show you how to convert a low quality video to HD and even 4K with the help of CapCut.

Learn more about features of CapCut

Do You Know About CapCut

CapCut is one of the most popular and widely used video and photo editor. It has tons of features like different text fonts, emojis, stickers, filters, effects, transitions, color grading, background music to produce high quality videos from scratch.

It is free to download and use which is available for both android and iOS phones as well as windows, linux, macOS and your browsers like Chrome and Safari. You can use CapCut to create professional grade videos on your phone without much prior video editing experience due to its intuitive interface that you can easily navigate through its editing tools and can use them efficiently.

CapCut also provides thousands of trending social media video templates which you can customize according to your needs and can export them in HD, ultra HD and 4K.

Tips to Convert a Normal Video to HD

Below are some essential tips you should consider while increasing video quality in CapCut.

  • Always use the best available video
  • Use “Adjustments” option for perfect color contrast and brightness
  • Applying some matching and trending filters & effects would be a good idea
  • Also add background music for attractiveness
  • Export either in HD or 4K for best results

What is the Highest Possible Resolution in CapCut

It depends on which version of CapCut you are using. In CapCut free version, you can export your videos in 480p, 720p and 1080p. In CapCut free version, you are not allowed to export your videos in 4K but you can do so in CapCut Pro.

CapCut Pro provides monthly subscription cost for $7.99 and annual at $74.99. Another way to export your videos in 4K is the use of CapCut Mod APK. Get CapCut Mod APK for free.

How to Increase Video Quality up to HD or 4K in CapCut Step-by-Step

Now let us discuss how to export your videos in HD and 4K in CapCut step-by-step.

Step#1: Import Your Low Quality Video


First of all, open CapCut on your phone or PC and import the video of which you want to increase video quality. You can do so by clicking on the New project or Click to upload and selecting the video from your device targeted storage.

Step#2: Edit Video If You Want

Next you have two options; either you can edit your video or simply export your video after selecting the high resolution. Below are some important steps you can take to edit your video and improve its appearance.

Step#3: Apply Filters and Effects

CapCut provides tons of classic as well as trending filters and effects so you can really take your videos to next level. Some of these filters and effects are free while some are available only in pro version of CapCut.

Step#4: Adjust Contrast and Brightness

A very important step in increasing video quality is to get the perfect color contrast and brightness. To adjust brightness and contrast in CapCut, click on Adjustments at the bottom of the screen and use slider to adjust brightness and contrast.

Step#5: Add Stylish Fonts, Stickers and Music

Add text with amazing and stylish fonts to convey some message in textual form. Add emojis and stickers for emotions. You can also add royalty free music and soundtracks available in CapCut to make your video more user attractive.

Step#6: Adjust Frame Rate and Resolution

In the second last step, adjust frame rate according to your needs. In CapCut free version, available resolution options are 480p, 720p and 1080p. But in pro version of CapCut, 4K is also available.

Step#7: Export Your High Quality Video


Finally, after selecting frame rate and resolution, simply click on Export button to download video. For higher video quality, you should select HD or 4K.


  • Simply import or upload your low quality video.
  • Do some important settings like adjusting color, brighness and saturation.
  • Use stylish fonts, stickers, filters, effects and background music (optional).
  • Finally export your video in high resolution like HD or 4K.

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Pros and Cons of Editing Videos in CapCut

CapCut Pros

  • Intuitive app interface
  • Free to use
  • Best for mobile editing
  • Beginner friendly

CapCut Cons

  • Lack of advanced features
  • Not suitable for professional editing
  • 15 mins video export limit
  • Limited customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

It has less advanced features like advanced color correction, multi track editing and high speed visual effects. Also in CapCut, it is difficult to achieve high precision audio quality and also CapCut it is not suitable for long form videos such as YouTube Vlogs. Otherwise, CapCut is best for casual users and beginners.


The journey of upscaling video quality is made easier with CapCut. To get pixel perfect video quality, you need to know some important settings like color contrast and brightness adjustment. You can add test and music to make your videos more engaging and attractive for the audience.

Follow the above step-by-step guide to convert your low quality videos to high quality. Remember only high quality videos can make impact and get more views on platforms like TikTok, Instagtam and YouTube.

Best of luck in your journey of crafting high quality content!

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