CapCut Vs Canva | Which is Better in 2024?


CapCut vs Canva which is better? CapCut is made for in-depth video editing, providing features such as multi-track editing, special effects, and transitions. CapCut is ideal for video editing enthusiasts and for social media content creation that include video editing, while Canva caters to a wider array of design needs.

Canva is a multi-purpose design platform that helps with the creation of various types of visual content, like social media posts, ads, posters, banners, logos, presentations and videos, known for its drag-and-drop functionality and extensive template library. Canva is best for those who want to make graphic designs quickly.

CapCut App Details

Capcut is full fledge video editing software for in-depth video editing. It has all the features for high quality video editing and graphics. It provides features like multiple tracks, AI effects, templates for quick editing, slow-mo, cloud storage and thousands of assets for free.

Capcut is mostly used by content creators for detailed video editing for social media, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram etc.

Canva App Details

Canva is an all-in-one editor. It can edit photos, videos, can make logos, presentations, social media posts, flyers, and all other types of graphics designs.

Canva is more favoured by graphic designers as Canva excels in making graphic designs on the go.

Capcut Vs Canva

CapCut is a mobile app that can be used in video editing thus offering the user facilities in terms of ad filters, effects, and music used in making captures for entertainment or any other purpose while Canva is a web-based design platform providing customizable templates used in creating graphics, presentations, videos among other materials used for different marketing and social media requirements.

Do you need to make attractive videos or images? Get to know about CapCut and Canva as they are high-demand tools that may help you make your creative ideas real. Compare some main distinctions to learn more about each one. Attempt to get deeper insights about the difference between CapCut and Canva, hence intensifying your video and photo editing techniques using these tools.

Video editing in CapCut is something remarkable due to the availability of filters, soundtracks, as well as other special effects. As for creating designs, Canva is a better option since it provides ready-made forms for social networks, presentations, etc. In contrast, CapCut is designed for video making while Canva can be used for multiple project types including graphics and image editing.

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Overview of CapCut

Suitable for all levels of skill, CapCut is a mobile app that allows the creation of professional videos and is most used by those who use social media a lot. It has a variety of tools ranging from filters and effects to music integration which makes it that anyone can use it to create professional-looking videos while learning less as compared to professional software because the interface is very easy to understand.

CapCut, which is developed by ByteDance, the platform for TikTok, is designed to produce fast and interesting video edits. This allows people to cut, trim, and splice videos with outstanding editing capabilities. They can add audio from popular songs through a browser-based version called AudioPoint.’ It’s completely compatible with famous social media networks including Facebook or YouTube, enabling you to share what you’ve created in seconds.

Background and development

The company that made TikTok also developed CapCut. Originally launched as Viamaker, it was renamed CapCut to show that it is good at editing videos. CapCut quickly became known for being simple and having great functionality.

In 2012, Canva was founded by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams. It began as an uncomplicated device for building school annuals until it eventually turned into a flexible design tool. As of now, millions of people across the globe use Canva to design graphics, make presentations, and come up with social media posts.

Key features

  • Video editing capabilities

The benefits of CapCut include having strong tools for video editing that can be used in trimming, cutting up, and merging parts of the videos. For quality enhancement purposes, filters and effects apply to them. In addition, it is possible to put text, stickers, and other custom audio into this application.

  • Filters and effects

CapCut gives you a variety of different filters and effects to improve the quality and style of your videos. Users can select from popular visual effects, color corrections as well as transition animations. These features help create engaging and professional-looking videos effortlessly.

  • Music and sound effects

Users can add music and sound effects from CapCut’s vast library to their videos. They can also import their audio files for a personalized soundtrack. The app’s audio editing tools enable precise adjustments for perfect synchronization.

  • User interface

CapCut has an intuitive and navigable user interface, thereby making it possible for people with all levels of technical skills to edit videos. The layout looks neat, making it easier to locate tools and features. This design helps users quickly find and use the editing functions they need.

Overview of Canva

A favorite internet-based design platform, Canva serves both individual users and businesses. Canva has numerous tools and templates to help create different types of visual content such as social media graphics, presentations, or posters among others on the platform. Its drag-and-drop function and easy-to-navigate interface are the reasons why people with different levels of expertise find it very useful.

Canva, established in 2012, has since expanded tremendously to become a key player in the realm of design, having amassed millions of clients globally. With numerous different themes, not to mention styles in its collection, customers can always locate the most suitable designs. It is useful for many firms that want to make their design processes because you can easily collaborate with other people while using its features that enable this real-time sharing during project implementation.

Background and development

In 2012, Canva was set up in Sydney, Australia, by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams. It was started as just an online tool to create yearbooks that were being used in schools. The three individuals who came up with the idea of Canva thought of expanding their services beyond high school yearbooks because they discovered its value in the bigger picture; design. An initiative was also started whereby they wanted to make it easier and affordable for any person who might want to create his or her design regardless of whether he/she has any experience or knowledge in designing.

By forming strategic partnerships and innovating continuously, Canva saw a fast increase in its offerings and user base. The company was backed by notable investment groups due to which it became one of the world’s top design platforms. As of now, Canva hosts millions of its subscribers across countries helping them come up with designs that are suitable for both personal and commercial use, right from social network publications up to marketing materials as well as presentations.

Key features

  • Graphic design tools

Canva says a full graphic design stage whose tools, as well as features, are very diverse. People can come up with different types of visual content by using Canva, such as social media graphics, presentations, or even posters because every process is simple due to its drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, it has lots of templates, and fonts alongside graphics all housed in one place making it easier for one to come up with professional visuals quickly. In the world of design Canva is equipped with strong graphic design tools making it stand out.

  • Templates and themes

Multiple templates and themes intended for different design demands are provided by Canva. This platform offers numerous pre-designed templates professionally done for numerous types of works including social media posts, and presentations among others. These templates act as foundations for achieving attractive designs with ease and without delay by users.

  • Video editing capabilities

Users of Canva have the option of using its graphic design platform for basic editing. Users can enhance the visual appeal of their videos by trimming, cropping, and adding transitions. By using the Canvas drag-and-drop interface, users can easily manipulate video components as they wish thus making it possible for them to produce compelling and professional videos.

  • Video creation and editing

Through its platform, Canva provides the ability to create and modify videos as well as video creation. This helps those who choose to come up with interesting visual films. Furthermore, individuals are at liberty to adjust movie attributes like text, pictures or motion from one spot to another. Thus Canva makes the process of video editing simple irrespective of one’s level of competence by providing lots of readymade templates and allowing drag and drop function.

Capcut and Canva features and Tools

  • Video editing tools (CapCut) vs Graphic design tools (Canva)

CapCut provides services in video editing, offering a full range of tools that are meant for the editing of video content makeup. Creating captivating videos is easy since you can seamlessly trim, cut as well as merge clips, and apply filters, effects, or even music. The specific needs of video editors and producers are the main priority for the CapCut software with a user-friendly design.

With its graphic design tools, Canva is well known for providing a variety of features for creating visually pleasing graphics, presentations, and more. However, its main aim has remained on graphic design though there are basic video editing capabilities in it. To create high-quality designs for different purposes, Canvas libraries and graphics provide lots of different templates, and fonts among others. I cannot forget its popularity due to its drag-and-drop functionality and user-friendly interface.

  • Availability of templates and themes

CapCut primarily focuses on video editing and lacks a vast library of templates and themes compared to Canva. While it offers some templates for video projects, its collection is limited compared to dedicated design platforms.

If you’re looking for a variety of different designs, Canva should be the first choice. It has so many templates that are professionally designed that most bloggers, marketers, and online business owners easily find what they are looking for in terms of social media graphic design, presentation development, or poster printing without difficulty. There are almost endless possibilities with Canva’s huge collection of options in templates and themes: whatever your style is or your preferences are concerning visual beauty in design – you will certainly find this multifunctional tool convenient.

Collaboration and Sharing

The feature for sharing and collaborating in CapCut is rather constricted than in Canva. Among diverse social networks, which are accessible for users while sharing their edited videos, these tools are already incorporated into Canva where people work together on projects continuously without any interruptions if such need arises using Editor as well.

On the contrary, Canva provides strong collaboration and sharing features. Enabling users to invite others to join in on designs facilitates joint work on projects by team members. Canva provides options for sharing designs via email, link sharing, or direct download. These collaborative features make Canva an excellent choice for teams and individuals looking to collaborate on design projects efficiently.

CapCut collaboration features

CapCut currently doesn’t offer extensive collaboration features like real-time editing or team collaboration. The app concentrates mainly on solo video editing. numerous forms Users can come up with their own films and tweak them on their own.

Although CapCut doesn’t offer advanced sharing features like collaborative video editing is concerned, it has some basic ones that let users export their edited videos directly to social media platforms or on their devices ready for other methods of sharing. This means that CapCut would not be so suitable for collaborative video editing projects; it is however suitable for people who want to create their videos independently due to its simplicity and ease of operation.

Canva collaboration features

Canva is an efficient tool for collaboration: several users can work on the same design at the same time. If you want to invite someone else in your team or any other person who needs access to it under any circumstances please do so now. It is that much easier for people who are far away from each other to collaborate when they are connected online.

Canva can facilitate interaction since it has tools that enable one to make comments directly on a particular design. This makes it easier for the team players within an organization to produce new designs with little or no hindrance whatsoever thus increasing efficiency.

Capcut vs Canva: Which is Better for Video Editing?

Capcut and Canva both offer features for video editing but which is better and why? Well, Capcut offers better features for video editing. With features like multi tracks, libraries for music, effects, texts and stickers and all for free, also in addition to basic editing tools CapCut has advanced features like keyframe animation, buttery smooth slow-motion, smart stabilization make it better choice for video editing.

On the other hand, Canva only offers basic video editing tools like trimming, splitting, transitions, effects etc.

CapCut Vs Canva: Which Offers Better Templates?


                If you want to edit your videos for social media and TikTok Capcut offers best templates for that purpose. There are trending ones also to let you edit your videos according to trends.


                Canva also offers template for video editing but it is not as good as Capcut in that manner. On the other hand, Canva has amazing templates for posters, presentations, logos, and other visual content. So canva is more verse in visual content.

Capcut vs Canva: Pricing Plans and Value for Money

                Capcut and Canva both has plans and subscription but before getting into it are they really worth it? Answer is Yes. If you want to unlock full potential of canva you should but its subscription as it gives you an access to thousands of templates and resources. On the other hand, Capcut pro is available only for PC and Mac.

Canva pro costs 6.50 US$ per month or 55 US $ yearly.

Capcut pro is not highly recommended to mobile users as it only gives access to a few more resources like templates, texts, stickers etc. But Capcut pro is truly is beast for PC and Mac users as it adds some more features like camera tracking, removing flickers, auto framing, vocal isolation etc.

CapCut Pro Windows and macOS runs a referral program that lets you use CapCut Pro PC free for up to 70 days. Each referral earns you 7 days of CapCut Pro for free.

Capcut vs Canva: Which is Best for Social Media Content?

Capcut is excellent video editor for creating and editing videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. It has wide range of effects, transitions and other resources. Capcut shines when it comes to static graphic designs like logos, posters, flyers, broachers, presentation. Canva is not a complete video editor thus it does not provide advanced features for video editing. CapCut is better for social media video content as it is made for that specific purpose. But Canva is better for if you want to make catchy thumbnails, posts or other visual content.

If you are in video content creation for social media platforms, CapCut would be the better choice. However, if you need to create a static graphics, animations, and posts for social media, Canva would be more suitable due to its graphic design features.

Capcut vs Canva: Mobile App Performance


                Capcut is known for usability and high performance. You can edit high quality videos in Capcut with almost no lag and crash. Its design and interface are designed in such way that it is easier to navigate and use on mobile device.


                Canva also offers high performance but it has only few features if you are using it offline. It also does not lag or crash. Drag and drop functionality in Canva is its strong point which allows users to design things easily even on mobile device.

Capcut vs Canva: Integration with Other Tools

                Difference between capcut and canva get bigger it we compare their integration with other tools due to their functionality and audience.


                Capcut has limited integrations with other tools as it focusses more on video editing. Capcut has an integration with social media platforms mean you can directly post your edited content from capcut. It also has cloud storage; you can access your data anywhere. But there are limited direct integrations with external software or services.


                Canva is integrated with various tools and platforms. It is integrated with various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which allows you to directly publish your designs to these platforms. Canva also integrates with platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, for cloud storage and Mailchimp for marketing purposes, which makes collaboration easier.

Capcut vs Canva: Customer Support and Resources


                For customer support capcut users mostly rely on FAQs on their site but you can also share your feedback in app feedback form or from their website.

                Capcut offers documentations and tutorial and guides for new users to learn.


                Canva has amazing customer support. It has support channels, email support, live chat (for pro users).

                Canva also offers documentations and tutorial guides to learn new things.

Capcut vs Canva: Which is Better for Beginners?

Capcut and Canva both are beginners’ friendly platforms. Their interface is simple yet comprehensive. Capcut is better for beginners in video editing but Canva is better for beginner for visual and graphic designs.

Capcut vs Canva: Advanced Features and Capabilities


                Capcut has advanced features like keyframe animation, speed control, chroma key, background removal, multi-layer editing, advanced transitions, motion tracking and audio editing. Ai features like auto cation and auto enhance are present.


                Canva is more like a graphic design software with advanced features like magic resize, background removal, brand kit, advanced text effects and gradient effects. It also provides tools for basic video editing and animation.

Capcut vs Canva: Audio Editing and Music Options


                Audio editing in capcut is more advanced that canva. It has auto caption, voice changer, audio enhance, audio isolation features which allows users to have more control on audio editing. You can also add multiple audio tracks. You can also add your voiceover recording from directly within the app and music and sound features.


                Canva offers a few audio editing options like you can add music from online library or upload your own music, add voice over recording and volume adjustment.

Capcut vs Canva: Audio Editing and Music Options


                Audio editing in capcut is more advanced that canva. It has auto caption, voice changer, audio enhance, audio isolation features which allows users to have more control on audio editing. You can also add multiple audio tracks. You can also add your voiceover recording from directly within the app and music and sound features.


                Canva offers a few audio editing options like you can add music from online library or upload your own music, add voice over recording and volume adjustment.

Capcut vs Canva: Which is Better for Branding?

                For branding it depends upon what type of content you want to create whether its videos, posters, logo or presentations or ads. Both Capcut and canva can perform different roles in branding as both specialize in different tools.


                Capcut as it is a wonderful video editing software with its extensive templates, features, libraries and tools for video editing it is more verse in video ads, explanation videos or introductory video. Capcut is used for video branding with features like Customizable Templates, Brand Watermarks. If you want to do branding through video content capcut is well verse in it.


                Canva is graphic design platform that allows users to create visually appealing content of all types like logos, presentations, posters, flyers, broachers. Canva is more suited for designing visual assets for your brand as it has comprehensive branding tools like Brand Kit, logo design features, social media templates and marketing material. If you want to do branding through visual content, go for Canva.

Capcut vs Canva: File Export Options


Video Formats: CapCut is designed for video editing, so it offers various video export options such as MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. You can customize the resolution, frame rate, and quality settings before exporting your video.

Audio Formats: CapCut also allows you to export audio files separately in formats like MP3 or WAV if you’re working on audio projects.


Image Formats: Canva primarily deals with graphic design, so its export options are more focused on image formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, etc. You can export designs, logos, social media posts, and other graphics in these formats.

Animated Formats: Canva also supports exporting animated designs in formats like GIF or MP4, which can be useful for creating animated logos or social media content.

Capcut vs Canva: Online vs Offline Usage


                Capcut offline allows you to use basic video editing features, you can access pre downloaded resources and can also save projects locally. But in Capcut online you have cloud integration, access to unlimited content libraries.


                In Canva offline its functionality is significantly reduced you can only view your previously saved projects and make some edits but access to new design resources and elements is restricted. Using Canva online you have access to all its libraries, features.

Capcut vs Canva: Which is More Versatile?

Canva is more versatile because it offers tools for both video editing and graphics design. Although tools for video editing are only basic like trimming and splitting. But in addition to video editing there are extensive tools and resources for graphics design which makes it more versatile.

Capcut is more of a video editor as it has more and advanced features for video editing than graphic design.

Capcut vs Canva: Cloud Storage and File Management


                Capcut offers cloud storage of 1 GB in free version and 10 GB in app purchase. There is simple file management in app and basic security measures. It supports various video formats.


                Canva is fully cloud based software with extensive storage. In canva multiple file formats like png, jpeg, pdf, mp4 are supported.

Capcut vs Canva: Best for Creating Ads

When it comes to ad creation both Capcut and Canva has distinct advantages. Capcut shine in video ads and it also has a feature like AI ads and you can also choose from thousands of templates. On the other hand, Canva excels in graphic design ads like poster ad on Facebook.

Capcut vs Canva: Popularity Among Content Creators

Both capcut can canva are very popular among content creators. But capcut is more popular for its video editing capabilities and Canva is known for its visual content creation features.

Canva is likely to has a broader range of users due to its versatility across different content creation needs. It targets not only individual content creators but also businesses and teams. However, Capcut’s popularity is more because of its video editing on mobile.

Capcut vs Canva: Effectiveness for Marketing Campaigns

Canva is better for marketing campaigns as it has integration with marketing tools like Mailchimp which allows users to design mails in canva and directly send it to their contact with one click. With branding kit feature canva is better than capcut in marketing campaigns.

Supported Platforms

Capcut vs Canva: Pros and Cons

CapCut Pros and Cons


  • Easy for beginners
  • Advanced video editing features
  • Strong offline capabilities
  • Cloud integration


  • Limited graphic design capabilities
  • More focused on video editing, less versatile
  • Basic customer support and resources
  • Not for graphic designing

Canva Pros and Cons


  • User friendly design
  • Advanced graphic design features
  • Branding features
  • Cloud integration


  • Limited offline functionality
  • Lack advance video editing features
  • Limited sound effects compared to capcut
  • Mostly templates are paid

Frequently Asked Question


After complete breakdown of Capcut vs Canva we know the difference and similarities between these two and here’s my final verdict. If you are a person who mostly edit videos for social media, TikTok and YouTube capcut should be your choice. But if you want to create engaging designs, posts, thumbnails etc, you should choose Canva.

In conclusion, CapCut and Canva both have their advantages. When it comes to editing videos, CapCut is the best because it has an easy interface and many editing tools, filters, and effects that make captivating videos for everyone whether they have experience in this field or not. Therefore if you want to create media that will be shared on social networks or any other place then it’s time you would opt for this software.

Canva is the best graphic tool with lots of templates to help you make any visual content. Even if you are not a designer, creating amazing posters or presentations takes less time with this program. Canva is the only option when it comes to rates that are normal for such an all-inclusive application. Although it is used mostly for image editing, there is no other application like Canva.

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