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App you a professional video editor who is struggling to find the best possible video editing software for his freelance projects? Two of the widely used softwares in video editor’s community include CapCut and Filmora. Either you are a TikToker or an Instagram Influenceer or a YouTube Vlogger, these two applications got the tools to help you create videos that go viral.

Guys, you already know that video based content has gained extreme popularity in the twenty first century and people who are into video creation and video editing industry are making handsome amounts. But in the fast evolving video trends, it is important to find the best tools to keep pace with the modern trends.

Being a deep analyst, I will take you into insights of these two applications, so you can easily make a choice that which software best fits with your editing needs and preferences. In this blog post, we will see a detailed features comparison as well as affordability.

So without wasting time, let’s jump into CapCut vs Filmora!

Features Overview: CapCut Vs Filmora

App Interface


CapCut app interface is easy to understand and easy to use even if you are a beginner. When you open CapCut on your android phone, in the bottom bar there are four options; “Edit”, “Templates”, “Libray” and “Me”. In the middle you can add “New project” for editing. In the top section, there are a bunch of powerful CapCut features for quick editing like AutoCut, Image enhancement, Remove background and more. In the top right corner, there is a polygon icon. By tapping on this icon, you can read CapCut’s Privacy Policy and can change app language.

Overall CapCut app interface is clean and user friendly with customization. You can press an icon and drag it to reorder.


Filmora app interface is also simple and intuitive. When you open it on your android phone, you can see some beautifully edited video clips playing in the background. In the bottom, you can see “Home” and “Explore” tabs along with a plus icon. Under explore, you can explore trending templates, stickers, effects, transitions and more. Like CapCut, in the middle, you can add a “New Project” and find some features like AI Auto Cut, Text to Video, Captions, AI Remover and more which you can explore by scrolling towards right

Compareably both CapCut and Filmora offer its users intuitive app interfaces, so they can create high quality professional grade videos without any hassle.

You can download CapCut Mod APK to unlock pro features of CapCut

Templates & Subcsription

Both CapCut and Filmora offer their users a wide range of templates. Some of these templates are provided by the official teams while some templates are also shared by creators. These templates are actually pre-designed video clips. These video clips are fully customizable. Users can add text, photos, videos and other elements to personalize these templates.

These templates are of different types like templates for TikTokers, templtes for Insta Influencers and templates for vloggers and YouTube videos and more which you can get an idea after exploring and using these ctemplates. So make sure to use these templates to create professional grade videos in a short time.

These templates are according to the latest social media trends. In both CapCut and Filmora app interface, there is a separate section trending templates. If you are looking for a specific template for your videos, you also have the option to search templates by their names in the search bar.

Both CapCut and Filmora are free to install and use all basic editing and some advanced features. Both applications have in app purchases to unlock premium features. Affordability is another important factor to be considered when making a choice.



Take note that these prices may vary depending on the platform you ara, i.e. android, iOS, Windows or macOS and also the country you are living in.

Export Quality


Being a video editor, I would not like to compromise quality of my edited videos. Differeent options are available in resolution, frame rate and code rate. You can export your edited videos from 480p to 1080p. The standard export quality for most TikTok videos is 720p at 25fps which determine smoother playback. In pro version of CapCut, you can even export 4k 60fps.


Filmora offers the similar export options up to 1080p. Both platforms provide full flexibility and customization in video export without reducing the quality of your videos. If you want to export videos, which are less in size, you better choose 480p. But if you are not worried about the size of the video, you can export in ultra HD.

AI Technology

AI technology is becoming more and more popular everday. It is now a part of each field. Companies are slowly shifting on automation. AI not only save effort time and effort but also improve productivity. AI is also making video editing easy and easy to learn. AI can perform complex tasks more quickly and effectively with high precision and accuaracy as compared to human.

Tasks which would previously take much time now can be accomplished in minutes and even in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks. Take example of AI scene correction, pixel perfect color matching and object tracking which have become super easy with the help of AI. Thanks to AI engineers which are working hard to make video editing accessible even for non-professionals.


One AI feature in CapCut and Filmora is auto-captions. This feature automatically detects the language of speaker and then generates captions. This eliminates the need of long time taking translation work.

Below is a list of some of the most interesting AI tools CapCut is offering and most of these tools are also vailable in free tiar of CapCut. Explore them to unlock productivity!

  • AutoCut
  • Remove background
  • AI image & video upscaler
  • AI photo colorizer
  • AI color correction
  • AI photo restoration
  • AI portrait generator
  • Text to image
  • AI poster
  • AI model


Color Match: AI is becoming more and more cool everyday. For instance, color grading feature in Filmora which matches the color tone of two different video clips with just one click. Isn’t it amazing?

AI Effects: You can also apply effects which are powered by artificial intelligence technology. Some examples include AI portrait and AI sketch. You can explore further after using the app.

AI Objection Detection: Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more interesting and powerful. For example, AI objection detection in Filmora which can sense the type of object in the video clip such as animals, people and other objects like a racing car or a flying airplane.

AI Video Stabilization: Use this feature to make videos smooth which apparently look blurred or shaky and give unprofessional and bad quality look.

Auto Trim: This feature automatically removes the unwanted part of video you want to remove with just a single touch.

There are many other AI feattures available in Filmora. But if you ask me which platform wins in AI race, I would certainly say CapCut has more powerful and smart AI features like AI model, image to text, auto captions as compared to Filmora which is slighly behind in this AI race.



CapCut is famous for its smooth and error free working. This Chinese application rarely lags or crashes even when you are working on a bit complex projects. You can smoothly apply filters, effects, transitions, animations and other advanced features without facing any headache of sudden app crash. It is less resource intensive as compared to Fimora.


Filmora, on the other hand, is also quite stable and performs well. May be more resource intensive due to the extensive range of features and some times working on slightly bigger projects which involve the use of advanced features which in turn involves the maximum usage of system resources like RAM and other things, you may experience that app is hanging a bit which will of course not be a happy experience.

Actually the application performance mainly depends upon your system specifications. If you have a good set up, then you will not face such app hanging or app crashing issues. Requires a reasonably powerful computer for optimal performance.

Platform Availability & System Compatibilty


CapCut is best optimized for mobile editing. You can edit your videos while traveling. CapCut is actually available at Google Play Store for Android phones as well as it is available at App Store for iPhone users. You can install CapCut Desktop App in your Windows 64 bit (11/10/8/7) or Mac 10.13 (or higher) laptop or PC. Also you can edit your videos through CapCut Web Version through your browser like Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Things like minimum 2GH CPU, 4GB RAM, suitable graphic card and 2GB disk space should also be considered to have a smooth video editing experience.

Keep in mind CapCut supports Android 5.0+ and iOS 12.0+.

Get CapCut for iOS


Filmora, on the other hand, is not best optimized for mobile editing. Filmora is also available at Google Play Store and App Store. Mobile versiuon of Filmora is called Filmora Go. But it is more suitable in desktop version.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration is another useful feature for working on remote group projects. CapCut and Filmora both provide team collaboration feature so you can work together and work better.


  • Real time collaboration with team members
  • Cloud collaboration; work on a project according to your flexible time and save it into cloud which can be accessed by team members
  • Permission control (viewer or editor)
  • Important and export projects
  • Add comments


These days team collaboration is a must have feature in any kind of editing software. Almost similar team collaboration features are found in Filmora as in CapCut

Editing Limitations

CapCut and Filmora are two of the most popular video editing softwares among video editors, still they have some limitations.
Some of these limitations can be removed, if you get a premium subscription.


  • In free version, CapCut puts its watermark on video
  • In free version, you can export videos only up to 15 minutes not suitable for long form content
  • CapCut has color grading options as compared to other more advanced video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro
  • CapCut has limited keyframe control which makes it hard to get high precision and accuracy while applying effects and transitions
  • Also in CapCut, though there are a lot of options for audio editing but still there is a lot of improvement needed to get more refined audio quality; which we hopefully can expect in the upcoming update
  • If CapCut (being a Chinese app) is banned in your country like India, you will need a VPN to access its online features like effects and filters


  • Filmora watermark on videos in free version
  • Limited features in mobile version
  • Less copyright free music library and sound tracks as compared to CapCut
  • Filmora has limited advance effects like 3D modeling and particle effects
  • Less artificially powered features as available in CapCut
  • Filmora is slightly difficult to learn as compared to CapCut

Community Support & Updates

Both CapCut and Filmora acquire a large community on social media platforms where you can ask your queries and experts will answer. A lot of learning material is available in terms of blogs and YouTube tutorials and it is not very difficult to master these sofrtwares these days.

Both applications are updated regularly to address issues reported by users and also new features are added to maintain pace with the ever changing trends.



CapCut offers both cloud and local storage options for video editing projects. With its cloud storage, users can access up to 100 GB of space, making it easy to save and access projects across multiple devices. This is particularly useful for mobile users who may have limited device storage. For local storage, the space required will depend on the length and quality of the videos, but users should ensure they have at least 5-10 GB of free space for smooth editing and file management.


Filmora primarily relies on local storage, requiring users to have sufficient space on their computers to handle video projects. Depending on the video resolution and length, users might need anywhere from 10 GB to over 100 GB of free space. Filmora does not offer built-in cloud storage, so users must use third-party services like Google Drive or Dropbox if they want to store files online. External hard drives or SSDs can also be used to supplement storage, providing flexibility for managing larger projects.

You can also use Terabox APK for additional storage

Frequently Asked Questions


In conclusion, CapCut and Filmora both have from basic to advanced editing tools to make high quality videos. Either you are a freelancer or a social media content creator, you can find plenty of features to unlock your creativity. Smart features available in both applications make your work super clean and easy.

Also check CapCut for PC

Features of both the apps are almost similar. While making a choice, affordability is the key factor. Filmora is slightly expensive as compared to CapCut. Another point is user’s skill level, if you are a beginner then you should go for CapCut due to its intuitive app interface while if you are an experienced user and need more advanced tools for professional editing then Filmora has a slightly upper hand.

CapCut is more beginner friendly. It is easy to understand and use as compared to Filmora. Moreover if you like to edit videos quickly on phone, CapCut is better option. On the other hand, if you prefer editing on desktop, work on complex projects and want more polished look, then Filmora is good for you.

From the table given above, hopefully you can get a final and quick view on making a more suitable choice for your craetive needs. Happy editing!

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