Capcut Vs. Inshot | Which is Better Choice in 2024?


Capcut and Inshot both are amazing video editing software capable of editing videos and both have amazing features. Cap and Inshot are both have a huge popularity among video editors. Many contents creator use Capcut and Inshot to edit their content to make it more appealing and engaging for their audience. Both of these apps provide best transitions, filters, animations, stickers and graphics. These features allow creators to edit content fast while maintain high quality.

Capcut and Inshot are both highly rated so in this article we are going to do a complete comparison of Capcut vs Inshot to check which one is better for you under what circumstances and features they both offer. We will compare their features, designs, quality, similarities and differences between two, price and value, interface and usage cases. Let’s dive right into it!

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Capcut vs Inshot: Detailed comparison



                Capcut, first released in May 2019, is a powerful video editing software that also allows you to edit images and make you own graphics. It provides best features that can be offered to enhance and improve your videos. Its interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. Its free to use and does not require any subscription and free trial to get started. Capcut is well known for editing videos for social media, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube shorts.

                Capcut is available on every platform including android, IOS, macOS, and PC. Capcut provides most amazing features for its users. These includes free to use templates, music, stickers, transitions, filters, text effects, auto caption. These are all commercial resources. Additionally, Capcut has AI assistant that helps you in almost everything you want to do including AI colour correction, recommendations and much more.


                Inshot, first released in 2014, is also powerful video editing software that also allows you to edit images. It is beginner friendly, allows to edit videos easier way. It has an easy to navigate interface that make it easier for even new people to get used to it really quick. Its free to use to some extent. Inshot is more popular Instagram users. 

                Inshot is basic video editing software available on android and IOS. Inshot is not a completely free to use but it offers some amazing features too. The most prominent feature of Inshot is AI effects which uses AI to add amazing effects in videos.  It has music library, slow-mo, HSL, speed curve, replace sky, giant effect, cutout collage, 3d editing tricks, outfit transitions and auto caption features.

Capcut vs. Inshot: Interface

                Capcut and Inshot both have user friendly interfaces that are super easy to navigate even for beginner. The interface of Capcut is seemingly smooth and offer high useability and working with multiple elements and features is easy. On the other hand, Inshot has also a good interface but working with multiple elements can be bit tricky for new users.

Capcut vs. Inshot: Price

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Capcut: Capcut is all in one powerful free video editing software. It offers all its features for free. It only adds a watermark at the end of a video.

Inshot: Although Inshot offers some basic feature for free but its value lies in its pro version. It has different subscription plans. Inshot in-app purchases offers:

Capcut vs. Inshot: Features

                Capcut vs. Inshot features comparison includes a thorough go through of features both apps have to offer.

Capcut Features

Below is the complete list of all the features of Capcut:


                Capcut is available on almost all platforms like android, iOS, Mac and windows. It is available online as well as offline.



                Capcut offers 500,000+ music resources of all genre like hip-hop, calm, electronic and all other types of music, so you can choose the best music for your video.


                Having 4600+ stickers in your arsenal allows you to add more of an artistic look in your videos.


                Providing 1600+ text effects for all kind of edits is also a feature of Capcut.


                Capcut offers 1100+ effects. All are unique and give your video a unique look.


                Filters are applied on every video so Capcut offers 200+ amazing filters for you to use.


                Capcut offers thousands of templates that are ready to use. There are trending templates present in Capcut.

Video Export:


                Capcut offers 720, 1080, 2k and 4k resolution options.

                Frame Rate

                Capcut offers 60 maximum frame rates for videos.

Smart Features:

Background removal:

                Capcut offers background removal feature for both videos and images.

Video Upscalar:

                Capcut has a feature that allows you to upscale your videos 2x.

Color correction:

                Capcut can also do color correction for your videos.

Resize Video:

                You can also resize your videos in Capcut.

Speech to text:

                Capcut automatically recognize different languages and generate captions. Its accuracy is very high.

Text to Speech:

                Convert text to voice. It has 11 voices and 10 languages in support.

Team space:

 One of prominent feature of Capcut is team space. It allows one to collaborate, with team members. It allows sharing ideas, assets and giving feedbacks securely.

Free cloud storage:

                Capcut gives you online cloud storage.

Voice Changer:

                This tool in Capcut allows you to change voices in video.

Video translator:

                You can translate your videos in Capcut.

Video transitions:

                Capcut offers amazing video transitions.

Video trimming:

                This feature of Capcut is that you can trim videos as you like.

Image Editing:

                Capcut offers image editing features like background removal, image restoration, color correction.

Capcut Business:

                Capcut Business provides features to empower your brand. These features include collaboration with team, cross platform compatibility, Ad script, AI characters, Smart Ads.

Inshot Features

                Below is the complete list of all the features of Inshot.


                Inshot is only available on android and iOS. If you want to use it on PC you have to use an emulator like Bluestacks, Memu or Nox player.



                Inshot offers premium music library.


                Inshot also has sticker and animated stickers.


                Catchy text effects and designs are also available in Inshot.


                Inshot offers amazing video effects. There is also AI effect feature in Inshot.


                There are many ready to use templates in Inshot.

Video Export:

                Inshot also offers up to 4k video export with 60 frame rates.

Smart Features:

Cutout Photo College:

                In Inshot Cutout photo College allows you to make college from cutouts of different images creating stunning effects.


                Inshot has built in slow mo feature.

Cut out:

                This feature let you remove the background the in on click and replace it with something amazing.

Auto Caption:

                Using this feature, you can create captions in one click.


                This amazing feature allows one to change color of clothes, sky etc, giving you full control of color palette.

Speed Curve:

                This feature in Inshot uses in creating cinematic effects giving user more control over editing.


                This smart feature in Inshot allows auto tracking of designated objects bringing dynamic elements in your video.

Capcut Pros and Cons


  • Available on android, iOS, mac and windows
  • Friendly user interface (UI)
  • Amazing AI features auto captions
  • Multi-layer editing


  • Advanced features hard for beginners
  • Limited customer support
  • Watermark in Free Version
  • CapCut can be resource-intensive

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Capcut is Ideal For:

  • Users looking for an easy to use, advance, feature-rich editing software.
  • Creators who need advanced tools for detailed video editing projects.
  • Social media content creators, especially on platforms like TikTok.

Inshot Pros and Cons


  • Available on android and iOS
  • Friendly user interface (UI)
  • Large assets are available in pro version
  • College making


  • Have to use emulator to run on PC
  • Small amount of assets is available free
  • Ads in free version may be annoying
  • No multi-layer editing  

Inshot is Ideal For:

  • Beginners and users needing a straightforward, efficient editing tool.
  • Those who create content for Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms requiring quick, polished edits.
  • Users who need an all-in-one app for both video and photo editing.



Capcut vs. Inshot performance is not much different. Both are amazing apps that work smoothly on any device. As Capcut has more features it may cause some lagging in high editing. Otherwise, both are totally user friendly, beginner friendly apps that are easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions


                Now after going through the complete Capcut vs. Inshot guide both of these apps are amazing and have a large number of users. Capcut and Inshot both have some limitations so concluding this Capcut should be your choice if you need to use some advance video editing features and you don’t want to spend money. It is the best app for serious content creators.

Inshot is the one for you if you are someone who prioritize ease of use on advance features especially if are willing to buy pro version of Inshot. In the end, the choice between Capcut and Inshot totally depends on your needs and requirements, level of expertise and type of content you want to make.

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